When Overwhelm Strikes

When things become overwhelming, try to bring life back to mini goals.

• One task

• One short walk

• Even one tv show, if that’s all you can do

Just one thing at a time. 

Moments of overwhelm are not the time to sit and ask yourself scary questions about the big picture.
Reduce your circle of priorities.

Breathe and go one-by-one. 

This is what I am learning from this current intense health experience. 

(Photo credit: me!)


Strange Doctor’s Appointments

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment. At the end of the appointment my doctor hugged me and said ‘Well, Zoe, I’m glad I got to see you today.’

He didn’t mean it was nice seeing me. He meant he was glad that I didn’t die last week, when I went into circulatory shock, and I was still alive and therefor able to be seen.

Infused with fear, elation, sadness, joy and relief this was by far the most emotionally bizarre doctor’s appointment I’ve ever had.

Having chronic illnesses for so much of my life, I’ve been to so many doctor’s appointments and have had some extremely weird ones. But yesterday’s appointment took the cake. 


Sweet Relief

Sitting here, everyone’s asleep. And I’m listening to the relieving sound of thick rain pouring down.

After the heatwave we have been in, and will likely continue to be in, this is just the sweetest break.

I’ll be opting into slumber soon, but this, this moment, is beautiful. 

And worthy of making a note of.

Happy day/night to you all.

The Heat Is On

A heatwave is upon us here in Nth NSW. 

We’re looking at a week of temperatures around 40-44 deg Celsius. Which is REALLY hot. 

SMASH CUT to me screaming: ‘Help me, I’m meltiiiiiiing……….’

This is an uncomfortable kind of heat for regular folks, and the kind where doctors recommend everyone keep up with their hydration and watch for heatstroke, but it’s very debilitating for some people who have POTS and/or EDS III.

Especially if you don’t have air conditioning — which we don’t.

For me, the heat makes my blood pressure drop waaay too low, my heart rate race waaay too high and my pain increase. I become more exhausted than usual and because my body always struggles to regulate it’s own temperature, I struggle majorly with keeping myself cool.

So aside from dreaming of snow, you’ll find me this week hydrating non-stop, keeping as cool as I possibly can, and aside from some basic physio exercises, mostly reclining so that my blood pressure can stay regulated.

Basically a whole lot of trying not to pass out. 😳🙏🏼 If things get bad, the hospital for I.V fluids.

Apart from all the yucky things I will be feeling, some nice things I will be trying to do are:

– Painting nails with my girls

– Catching up on some Seinfeld 

– Boardgames

– Enjoying the slightly cooler breeze that flows through the house in the wee small hours of the morning

– And reading more of The Brain’s Way of Healing.

Good luck to my fellow heatwave warriors! And to everyone else, not in a heatwave, I’m very, very, very jealous of you.